Friday, March 8, 2013

Did I Seriously Miss Hourly Comic Day?!

I can't believe I spaced February 1st! Hourly Comic Day is where cartoon artists of all skill levels draw a comic every hour that they are awake on February 1st, then post them here and compare their days. I've done it the last few years and it's really fun (you can see them here and here, as well as some spontaneous Hourlies (not on February 1st) here, here, here, and here!)

Anyway, I work too goddamn much, lemme tell you. I like both my jobs (for those of you who don't know, and I don't even think I've had time to draw a comic about it, but I quit my job at the bagel shop in November and now work 6000 hours a week in both a financial office of a non-profit and a natural health pet store) but it has definitely been getting in the way of my creative endeavors. I am currently working on reconfiguring the way I spend my free time. Currently a lot of my free time includes catching up on sleep and watching Alias.

Until then, here are a few Hourly snippets that I enjoyed:

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